Project Description

Vietnamese Prawn Rolls with Passion Fruit Sauce


Ingredients (Rice Paper Rolls):

  • Rice Paper x 1 pack
  • Chicken Thigh x 150g
  • Prawn x 120g
  • Cucumber x 2
  • Red Carrot (peeled) x 200g
  • Basil x 60g

Ingredients (Sauce)

  • Coconut Juice x 150ml
  • Passion Fruit (scoop out the pulp and seeds) x 3
  • Sweet Pepper x 1/2
  • Purple Onion x 1/3
  • Garlic x 1 clove
  • Chili Sauce x 1 Tablespoon

Methods (Rice Paper Rolls):

  1. Add 300ml water into the glass bowl. Add chicken thigh into the steam basket and cover with lid.
  2. Turn the control knob to select steaming mode and set the timer to 20 minutes start cooking. After then, take out the chicken thigh, slice and set aside.
  3. Add prawns into the steam basket. Select Steaming Mode and set the timer to 15 minutes start cooking. After completes, take them out and set aside.
  4. Cut cucumbers and red carrots into strips.
  5. Fill a large bowl with hot water. Submerge the rice paper into water for seconds to soften. Place the paper on a plate, put two cooked prawns in the center and put sliced chicken, cucumbers, red carrots and basil carefully. Wrap and serve with sauce.

Methods (Sauce)

  1. Put all ingredients into the glass bowl. Turn the control knob to select Sauce Mode and set the timer to 20 minutes start cooking.
  2. When completes, let cool. Sift to separate residues and serve.

*Pour extra sauce into vacuum bottle. Store in fridge and use within one week.