1. SCOTT Hong Kong (hereinafter called the “Company”) has an option to provide repair service and replacement of defective parts to the product, for which is under warranty period (warranty period is commenced from the date of purchase) and normal use, while the product is out of order and verified by the Company. The service shall be rendered and considered as appropriate by the Company only.


  1. The warranty period is one (1) year from the date of receipt of product marked on the delivery order. During the warranty period, the Company will provide maintenance service on the product free of charge for customers in the HKSAR.
  2. After the warranty period, the Customer may continue to enjoy SCOTT warranty service by joining our Warranty Renewal Scheme on payment of an annual maintenance fee while making an order on-line. The Warranty Renewal Scheme will NOT be available for subscription during nor after the default warranty period. Otherwise, a maintenance fee of will be charged for every service after the Default Warranty Period.


  1. The warranty is valid in HKSAR only.
  2. The warranty is granted to the individual buyer named on the invoice and is not transferable.


  1. SCOTT will provide maintenance services required to keep the Product covered in proper working condition during the Term, but the Company reserves the right to inspect the product before providing any free warranty service. Should SCOTT is in the opinion that the related service required for this product is not covered by the warranty, a reasonable fee at prevailing rate will be charged for carrying out of such inspection.
  2. Warranty under Default Warranty Period and Warranty Renewal Scheme covers the costs of parts and labour charges for at-home service within the serviced area. For service beyond Default Warranty Period without Warranty Renewal, no on-site maintenance service shall be provided. Customers shall bring the damaged product to our office for maintenance.
  3. During the validity of Warranty, SCOTT will attend to the defects reported by the customer, including replacement of the defective electrical / electronic components that are required to be replaced to make the product electrically functional. This is subject to the condition, the breakdown of the product being due to normal usage.
  4. Any defective Product or any spare parts thereof which are replaced by SCOTT with a new component or component equivalent to new in performance when used in the course of repairing, if any, shall become property of SCOTT and non-returnable, and the Customer shall not claim any right to the same.
  5. SCOTT shall have the sole discretion to replace the product with equivalent working model. This replacement product may be new or refurbished, discretion of which lies solely with SCOTT and shall be binding on the Customer.


  1. Product is used only for domestic & personal and not for commercial purpose.
  2. Product is used as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and as specified in the user manual supplied along with the product.
  3. Product is used in the location as per the address given by the Customer to SCOTT. Address change, if any, should be notified in advance by the Customer.


  1. No refund nor return is acceptable after purchase.
  2. To be eligible for the warranty coverage, the product must be registered with SCOTT at the online registration page upon purchase:
    Products which are not registered in accordance with the terms and conditions herein shall be deemed to be outside the cover of this warranty.
  3. If customer experience any issue with the product, please contact our Customer Service on troubleshooting procedures or make the warranty claim.
  4. The Customer can receive free on-site service by our authorized technician or otherwise, the damaged product can be brought or couriered to our Customer Service Centre for free maintenance service. The Customer will have to bear all transportation cost.
  5. The Customer must present original purchase invoice at the time of service. The Company reserves the right to reject any service request if the Customer fails to provide a valid proof of purchase.


  1. Warranty service does not cover in-box accessories or additional accessories purchased.
  2. Free warranty service is null and void in the event of:
    1. Purchase invoice is modified by unauthorized party;
    2. Product is repaired or modified by unauthorized party, or unauthorized parts are installed;
    3. Serial number is modified, damaged or removed from the product;
    4. Warranty information is incorrect or not updated;
    5. Any correction work or repair for the product by reasons of not following the instruction in the installation or operating manual;
    6. Any damage or loss caused by man-made, misuse, abuse, neglect, excessive erosion or rust, normal wear and tear, accidents, natural disasters, or other events beyond Company’s control;
    7. Non-domestic use or use of the product for any purpose other than the original designed;
    8. Damage of any accessory or peripheral not supplied with product;
    9. Defects caused by Force Majeure.
    10. After the Default Warranty Period, SCOTT makes no guarantee to replace any spare parts of the product that is damaged, broken or malfunctioned such as but not limited to in situations where the affected spare parts of which are not available to SCOTT for any reason whatsoever.


  1. While providing service under warranty period, customer must present the purchase invoice to the Company’s verification. SCOTT reserves the right to reject any service request if Customer fails to provide a valid proof of purchase.
  2. Free on-site service is available in Hong Kong, Kowloon & New Territories only. Extra charges may be applied to locations in Tung Chung, Ma Wan, Discovery Bay, outlying islands and remote areas.
  3. For product that are outside Warranty or Warranty Renewal Scheme, the Customer shall pay the inspection fee of HK$250 before the issue of every service order. The inspection fee is non-refundable under any circumstances but only if the affected spare parts are no longer available. After repair of the product of replacement of parts thereof, the amount of the inspection fee will be deducted from the repair payable by the Customer. The Customer will be required to pay the balance of the repair upon collection of the product.
  4. If no claims are made under the Warranty Renewal Scheme during the extended warranty period, the purchase price paid for the Scheme is not refundable.


  1. Should the Customer fail to pay all the charges due and collect the product within sixty (60) days upon being notified by SCOTT that the product is ready for collection, SCOTT may dispose the Product in accordance with the applicable laws, SCOTT further reserves its rights to claim for any or all of the unpaid charges.
  2. The Company shall not be accountable for any direct or indirect loss, claims, or contingent in connection with any defects, faults or failure of the product.
  3. The Company reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions contained herein without prior notice.
  4. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.
  5. In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right for final judgment and decision.